Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fanfic Version 2!!

So, I kinda got bored of my first fanfic and decided to make a different one about super ponies who were around even before the mane six. Here are the pics I promised if you read the first part of the text :) (ps-sorry they're not in color. there are more pics that I drew in color, but they're MAJOR spoilers, so I'll keep it a secret.)
This is Thunder, the leader

Florina, Thunder's BFF/crush

Blackshadow the ninja spy

Stomper, the caring giant

The cyborg alicorn Metalmaster Gears

and lastly some "concept art" of Thunder just doing stuff
Enjoy, and check out the fanfic "Thunder Team!" and my new blog Diamonds for Noobs Gaming Highlights!

Friday, December 27, 2013

So...Anypony Have an Awesome Hearth's Warming Eve?

I am sorry loyal bronies and pegasisters that I have not posted anything interesting for a verrrry long time. But now I have great news! Yesterday was Hearth's Warming Day (Hearth's Warming Eve Day? I don't know if there's even such a thing) otherwise known as Christmas, and you wouldn't believe how much pony stuff I got, not including Dr. Whooves awesomeness. Mostly I got Portal 2, Minecraft, and pony stuff, but I even got a prank thing that was a box advertising this laundry stuff that makes your clothes smell like bacon, so of course I was very excited. BACON IS AWESOME and there is nothing else to say in that subject, but inside the box was actually an Aperture Science scarf that is fully awesome, so any Portal fans out there, my Christmas was awesome. Anyway, I hope you all had an awesome holiday, oh and I apologize, but my fan fic isn't going so well. I think I've added too many characters, so it's practically making my head spin jumping from writing about each one, switching back and forth between pegasi, unicorns, earth ponies, and even alicorns. I have made many spelling errors in this long paragraph that I had to fix because I've been typing so much. I've scheduled the release date around my birthday in March, so look forward to that. Also, swing by my other two blogs, the one mentioned in the previous post and my new one about gaming. The name will be my next post. Here's a picture to close this post on, Happy Holidays (a little late)!
Leave a post in the comments if you 
get the references ;)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Fanfic Update

Yeah...so my fanfic did not end at the time it was initially going to. It was supposed to be ready to edit by Halloween, and now it's December second and I think I'm on chapter 8 or something. But I'm writing another story not about ponies but about the apocalypse. tell me in the comments if you think my fanfic should have more or less charters, because as of now it has over 15 main characters. Also, please visit my other blog at zombiedragon32101@blogspot.com because I have posted a memorial poem to my rat who has just passed away, so if you could visit and leave me a comment there it would really brighten up my mood because we're playing a song in a band that I play in and it reminds me of her and a picture I drew of her drifting into heaven, so I might cry during rehearsal.

._____|  0           |      it's a rat head                 Thanks for your loyalty to my blog. i doubt anypony
| --------                |                                             reads it anyway.
 |_|_|            |

Monday, September 16, 2013

New Fan Fic!

This is my first FanFic ever! For those who do not know what a Fan Fiction is, it's basically characters from something in a story or comic you make up. Mine is strictly appropriate for all ages. Here are the first few paragraphs;
This is my first FanFic! It's about Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Discord.
I will post more as the year progresses and you will hear the ending POSSIBLY around Halloween, I hope. I have written five pages worth already, but I must have an editor go over them first or at least spellcheck them.

I'm posting this during Luna's Time, so have a good Celestia Time!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New (Much Better) Drawings

I love Raise this Barn! Best remixed pony song ever!

Yay Apple Family!
By the way, I have a new logo. It's basically a pony I drew after me that I turned into a story about two adopted earth ponies who defeated Discord
Here he is.
and gained worldwide fame. 
This we be my new Profile Pic soon.
My name's Discordia and my twin sister Chaotica
helped me defeat Discord. She goes by Stevie and I go by Hermione because those are our fave names. Our nicknames are Kao and Cords, like music chords, but also DisCORD.
I'm hoping to get the pic uploaded later, but I'm typing this at night and my Photobooth that I can get photos off of makes a countdown and camera snap noise that I didn't know about...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Rainbow Dash Drawing

I drew this just today.
The writing got a little messy but that's OK.
Post a comment if u like!
Also if you're a Brony or just love these ponies post a comment telling me the level of your love for them!

MLP Poster #1

Welcome to my new blog, The Pony Post!
Granny Smith Has a pie as her cutie mark.
What the heck. Her name is Granny Smith, uhh, like the APPLE?? Why a pie? Makes no sense.
By the way, I'm new to this whole blog thing so my posts may suck, but don't worry!
Later today I will post pics of my MLP drawings and I SWEAR they are not traced.
Everyone thinks they are!! But I went on a site for artists and step drawings.
And I followed the Steps! And it looked great!